Business Sectors

  • Agriculture
  • Minerals & Biomass & Dry Chemicals
  • Oils & Liquefied Gases & Liquefied Chemicals
  • Consumer Products
  • Industrial Equipment


We perform full supply chain management activities with regard to agricultural commodities and their derivatives, such as grains, oilseeds and feed products. We have a very extensive experience in inspections of agricultural commodities and their derivatives.

Agricultural commodities and their derivatives do hardly ever have a fully homogeneous quality and composition all along a shipment. The quality of a shipment of an agricultural commodity or its derivative can vary quite strongly. Problems may occur with regard to alive insects or damaged cargo. Quality assessments with help of complex analysis devices may be difficult at remote places. We deliver the knowledge and discipline to carry out the necessary quality inspections, inspections of weight and much more, for clients like milling factories, malting houses, breweries, agricultural cooperatives, feed industries, trade houses, ship agents and ship brokers, charterers, insurance companies, governmental and non-governmental bodies, food industries, and all related industries. Inspection of agricultural commodities and their derivatives is our core business. Internationally, we are considered to be a top quality service provider.

Minerals & Biomass & Dry Chemicals

We perform full supply chain management activities with regard to minerals, biomass and dry chemicals, such as artificial fertilizers, wood pellets and (industrial) salts. We are specialized in the on-the-spot analyses of artificial fertilizers for example. These analyses include hardness measurements, fraction distribution measurements and bulk density assessments.

Besides this, we also make use of a network of selected professional laboratories. We take utmost care of representative sampling of cargoes like minerals, biomass and dry chemicals. Among our clients, we may count chemical industries, agricultural cooperatives, artificial fertilizer distribution centers and traders of the above mentioned commodities. Inspection of minerals, biomass and dry chemical commodities is a specialized work, performed by our own and selected expert inspectors.

Oils & Liquefied Gases & Liquefied Chemicals

We are a provider of full integrated services in the field of inspections, samplings and logistics of oils (both edible and fuel oils), liquefied gases and liquefied chemicals, such as (bio)methanol and (bio)ethanol.

In the field of inspection services for the above mentioned commodities, not only sampling for quality reasons is very crucial, but equally the determination of quantity and weight. The latter is all dependent on density, volume correction factors, temperature, specific commodity characteristics, calculation tables (like the ASTM tables) and quality determination instruments used. We perform many inspections of quality and quantity and cooperate with high-tech laboratories with regard to commodities such as biodiesel, soy bean oil, rapeseed oil, diesel, glycerin, methanol and many more. We make use of the appropriate ASTM calculation methods while calculating, after measuring of dips and ullages of barges and vessels respectively. Inspections of oils, liquefied gases and liquefied chemicals are performed by our highly skilled and experienced personnel.

Consumer Products

We perform inspection services with regard to consumer products, whether they are for example electrical or mechanical, liquid or not. We act as independent testers, inspectors and witnesses, and offer the most reliable consumer product inspection services.

Most of these inspections are performed as pre-shipment inspections or commercial inspections upon shipment into containers, before goods are being sent around the globe. We document, check, evaluate, count and photograph in order to be able to make up the right conformity assessments. Among our customers, we may count agencies working for countries’ governmental institutions, agencies working for the United Nations, commercial parties and many more. We are well known for our accurateness, sincerity and professionalism with regard to consumer product inspection services.

Industrial Equipment

We perform technical inspections with regard to industrial equipment, such as machinery, tools and high tech devices. In order to be able to inspect industrial equipment, one needs skilled inspectors and engineers with much experience.

Our network provides for these inspectors. They have been carefully selected, have a technical background and, next to performing technical inspections, they may also check for patents applicable or perform legal and jurisdictional research. We have, for example, experience with the inspection of diesel generators, to be transshipped from The Netherlands to outside the European Union. Our experienced and skilled engineers and inspectors in the field of industrial equipment inspection are of great help to our customers.